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Gian® makes concrete surfaces safe and stylish

A patterned thin rubber mat developed by Compañero, a Dutch company, is glued directly into the concrete mould when casting concrete. Gian® pattern mat is very cost effective to use as it can last up to 200 castings.

It is also perfect for patterning walls, for example facades. The concrete surface can easily be embossed with different patterns and pictures by cutting and combining the various pattern options.
Gian® pattern mat can be used in office buildings, factories and public premises, as well as in villas and private homes.

Download the complete brochure here. (28 pages)

Okaria recess form details

Okaria has published unified details of recess forms for element drawings. With the help of the details, it is easier for engineers to design recess with common dimensions. Production at the prefabrication factory also becomes faster and easier.

The recess form details can be ordered with the form on the bottom of this page.

Okaria recess forms for design programmes

  • AutoCAD blocks >> Download here (file form .dwg, compressed size 180Kb)
  • TEKLA components >> Download here (file form.uel, compressed size 78Kb)
  • CADS Planner >> Okaria components are included in the product catalogue.

Okaria guidelines for the use of spacers (finnish only)

Okaria Oy published on 29 November 2002 the first guidelines for the use of spacers in concrete casting.

The use of concrete reinforcement spacers on construction sites and in element manufacturing has up until now mostly been based on practical experience.

There are still no standards or norms for the use or the properties of spacers, the exception being the design guidelines for bridge construction published by the Finnish Transport Agency.

The Okaria guidelines for the use of spacers were written between the years 2000 and 2002 during and as a result of an ongoing development project. The project consisted of a large scale testing programme, during which data on the mechanical, thermal and chemical endurance of the spacers was collected. Company tours and interviews were also conducted to find out more about the companies using spacers and about the information needed on spacers.

Even though ten years have passed since its publication, the guidelines for the use of spacers still contain up to date instructions useful to modern construction.


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 Recess form details
 Guidelines for the use of spacers

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