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Okaria news 2017

The way to growth

The secret behind the success of the company Okaria Oy based in the city of  Kaarina, Finland, is their constant development and their will to succeed. Yet, without the right attitude, constant development of the products, and listening to their customers, the 39-year-old Okaria would not be where it is in 2017: on its way to becoming the owner of Finland's most versatile manufacturer of concrete casting supplies and a partner with an ever-growing importance in the building trade.

In addition to Finland, a wide selection of Okaria concrete casting supplies are also available from the Okaria retailer in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to benefit the building markets there.

Okaria products are also shipped with regularity to the building markets of Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. Additionally, concrete casting supplies have been shipped to Israel, Saudi-Arabia, the Czech Republic, and, of course, Russia, as well.

A golden partnership

The wide selection of products and the constant development could not exist without the active customers of Okaria. The competent Okaria sales team travels in the field with their eyes and ears always open diligently charting the demand of the products. Based on the gathered data, the sales team constantly develops the selection of products in conjunction with the best experts - in other words, with the people who use and need the products of Okaria. The personnel of Okaria understands that true satisfaction is found from working with informed customers and real partners. Naturally, Okaria carefully nurtures these keys to its success. Despite growing demand, Okaria has still been able to keep the promise that all the stock products are shipped out within 48 hours of the order being placed. Okaria products are currently stocked in two different locations, in Vantaa and in Kaarina, which has helped in maintaining this promise.

Proven quality

Vigilance is a virtue also in improving quality. In the hard competition of concrete industry, the one with the best level of quality in everything will be the one to thrive. The concrete elements of today must be nearly everlasting and the supplies used for concrete casting must also be long-lasting and functional. The products need to be constantly developed to be better and safer, as well as to better meet the requirements of today. In addition, the environmental angle must be taken into consideration. Consequently, Okaria takes pride in the testing their core products and releasing the results freely for the use of their customers.

Quality and environment policy

Okaria has a certified management system that is constantly maintained and developed to improve Okaria's operation and to meet the requirements of the future and also, of course, of the clients.

The principles below guide the development of our operation.

  • Quality is made by producing products and services not by inspecting.
  • The client is our ultimate employer and wage payer.
  • We dare to question our operation models and to adopt new models as we develop our operation and products.
  • We minimise the environmental strain caused by our operation and products, as well as guide our customers and partners to do the same.
  • We are committed to following the laws and decrees that guide our operation.
  • We are committed to constant improvement as we develop our operation.

All employees understand the importance of quality and the environment in their own work and have the right and duty to report any flaws or anomalies they encounter.

Our operation is based on the needs of our customers and our goal of good quality. We aspire to reach these goals through flexible team organisation, high-quality work and operation, expert product development, and active marketing. All of these together make our constant development and the improvement of our competitiveness possible.


Certified quality systems ISO 9001, certified environmental management ISO 14001
The certificate can be downloaded here.

Inspecta certificate 4927-02 for the Okaria wire loop system
The certificate can be downloaded here (Coming Soon). (The size of the pdf file is appox. 126Kb.)


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